The Broadway Fund – No Longer In Business

The Broadway Fund – No Longer In Business

No Longer In Business

Here we have a sneak peak of an upcoming website, The Broadway Fund. This is an informational website with an information intake to help qualify leads. Through the use of a simple Goal Conversion Process we filter through Investors, Brokers and Borrowers creating a funnel process allowing for quick and immediate action with potential customers and clients.

The simple straightforward presentation of information clearly sectioned and organized helps add to the effectiveness of the website through simple flat design and clear divisions of information.

The Broadway Fund – No Longer In Business

Anne Reid Products – StellyBelly

Stelly-Belly-Full-Color-Logo-RGB-300x142Anne Reid Products, Inc owner of StellyBelly Pregnancy Comfort Products (formerly MyMommy Love) needed to move beyond their Mom & Pop garage business approach and look, moving into the realm of Brand Building. Through a cooperative effort with Lauren Davis of Impact Marketing Cooperative a new look feel and flow was created for all online and conventional media. This work included logos for both Anne Reid Products as well as StellyBelly in addition to online and print media for StellyBelly to include an eCommerce website.

The goal was to create a straightforward sales portal for StellyBelly allowing customers to easily purchase products and pay through an online payment gateway. We also integrated this site with QuickBooks as well as UPS allowing us current financial and shipping data. This system is built on the WordPress CMS allowing for complete control of the website from the standpoint of Customer Service as well as Order Fulfillment and Shipping.

As with all of our web products this site is also integrated with Google Analytics allowing clear detailed data on not only how many people are coming to the site but where they are going and for how long. With this information it is easy to track bounce rates as well as goal conversions in the sales process making the WordPress

CMS into a powerful sales and marketing tool.

aWAREness Insights Website

aWAREness Insights Website

It has been my pleasure over the past few months to work again with someone who is doing something very interesting and doing it to help people out. I have known John Ware for a number of years now having worked with Enterprise Bank & Trust where he used to be employed and  I now have the honor of working with him on aWAREness Insights his professional counseling service.

John has transitioned into the world of Counseling and is currently working through Family Wellness Counseling, LC. where he specializes in Individual, Couple and Family Issues, Job Loss and Career Transitions as well as Bullying In The Workplace.

As I have said, it has been a pleasure working with John developing his promotional website using a Content Management System(CMS) as well as integrating Branded Social Media and detailed Analytics that allow him to track the success of the website in promoting his business.

The Broadway Fund – No Longer In Business

Madison County Wood Products Website

One of my first projects under the brand OCCAM Online Consulting was with Madison County Wood Products. I worked closely with Jim Morton, a previous associate from Staples Promotional Products and Corporate Express who now runs sales and marketing at MCWP.

This website is a straightforward brochure-ware website that allows customers and vendors a quick look at available products and services provided by Madison County Wood Products and allows MCWP the ability to change and update copy, images and video that are displayed on their site.

Madison County is a fully integrated operation from timber purchasing, logging and saw-milling through pallet assembly and delivery. We’re the second generation of a family-owned business with over 40 years in the industry and one-hundred-plus years of management experience.

The MCWP Mission: We know wood, and we know pallets. But even more, we know how to solve material handling problems of all shapes and sizes. That’s how we deliver better value to our customers dollar for dollar.