Dr Deb Carlin’s Partners In Excellence – Mobile Website Upgrade

Dr Deb Carlin’s Partners In Excellence – Mobile Website Upgrade

It has been my great pleasure to work recently with Dr. Deborah Carlin and her amazing organization Partners In Excellence.

Work It. Read It. Live It.

The goal of this project was to take the current website and make it mobile friendly by updating the design and feel of the website interface.

Websites much like magazines and other publications are far more effective when the branding and the user interface is consistent and relates to the culture and ethos of that business or entity.

Imagine going into an Apple Store and instead of the sleek clean design we are used is replaced by the decor found in a Cracker Barrel.

It wouldn’t keep with their image or the way that Apple does things. It would distract people from the point. It’s the same with¬†Cracker Barrel, people go there expecting to look through the store at all the various sale items the way they have always seen them. Drastic changes can cause a big drop in the appeal and what it is that draw people to a business. That’s why it is always important when doing a major transition on anything relating to a businesses brand to stay on message with all other aspects of the brand or make a purposeful transition to something new.

The Outcome was a nice transition without any loss or major changes to the design. We incorporated a new layout that allows for a simple row by row design. Within each row we can set up multiple columns allowing for flexibility when creating content. The main readable content follows a nice consistent flow that is readable on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops.

Previous Website Design for Partners In Excellence

Previous Website Design for Partners In Excellence

Partners In Excellence - Website Redesign 2016

Partners In Excellence – Website Redesign 2016

Partners In Excellence – Website Redesign 2016

Thank you so much to Dr. Carlin and the other members of her team for making this an amazing project!
Dr Deb Carlin’s Partners In Excellence – Mobile Website Upgrade


It was a great pleasure to work with Gloria Buckman of Gloria Buckman Creative on the ApartmentSource.US project for The Michaelson Organization.

For this site we set up WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS). From there we implemented a property management system with the ability to:

  • Dynamic Property Listing with the ability to post commercial and residential property groups as well as available units within the properties
  • Full XML import and export features for all property information
  • Image modification capabilities
  • PDF Flyer export Capabilities for each listing
  • Agent Capabilities allows the website administrator to create new Real Estate agent accounts and associate them with properties
  • Slideshow setup available for each property or page within the site
  • Super-map – Direct link to Google Maps showing regional maps with markers for all listings as well as click-able details to Google maps and contact information for each page
  • Ability to expand and integrate a payment gateway allowing tenants to log-in and pay their rent/lease/inquire about purchase online. This system will also allow agent’s to do quotes and invoices
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of forms and place them within the content of the website
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization system allowing for more effective indexing of the websites pages on Google

The total time for this website development project was 4 months and resulted in a highly effective website that The Michaelson Organization is now using to create more awareness about their properties. This website in conjunction with other online activities helps give ApartmentSource.us a greater presence and exposure online.