Corporate Express & Sendouts

Corporate Express & Sendouts

While at Corporate Express & Staples Promotional Products I worked as senior web designer and UI designer responsible for the design and UI development of over 120 online eCommerce stores. Many of the customers I interacted with were  Fortune 500 companies. My normal customer contact point was usually the marketing department or creative departments.

The UI design processes involved the use of HTML and CSS to create user interfaces that helped showcase products as well as focused the customer on the goal of purchasing branded products.

Corporate Express & Sendouts

eCommerce Website – American Century – Promotional Products

This is one example of the type of eCommerce website that I worked on while at Corporate Express () and Staples Promotional Products (). I worked on a team of 4 people in the IT department of both companies. This team included our project manager, two developers and myself the UI/UX designer.

These eCommerce websites were built in aps and and integrated with a back end database system that also integrated into the order fulfillment system. My responsibility was to maintain the design, look and feel of the site in addition to prepping the product photography for use on the site. When developing a new client site I often interacted with the marketing and creative departments of the company we were working with. Many of the companies I worked with were Fortune 500 companies.

I truly enjoyed my time and the people at both Corporate Express and Staples. It was one of the most enriching experiences in my career.

eCommerce Website Screenshots

eCommerce Website - American Century - Promotional Products

American Century eCommerce Website